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Growing with us

  • Angela Martin
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    I have worked for Booths for 15 years and when I started we were in the process of moving Central Office from the old offices in Preston to the new office in Ribbleton. I worked as Central Services Manager for a number of years and then moved into Business Planning and Project Management and most recently the New Channels role.

    Angela Martin

    New Channels Manager

  • Chris Miller
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    I‘ve worked for Booths for 48 years! How we do things and how we react as a team has changed over the years. At the beginning of C19, the volumes were higher than we usually see at Christmas but we didn’t have the same chance to plan as we do for Christmas! However our amazing team who work across our Logistics sites went above and beyond all expectations and we delivered outstanding customer service to our stores. Our Purpose talks about acting faster and delivering more with less, this really showed in the early weeks at the start of the pandemic. There have been many highlights in my career at Booths from my very quick induction on a Monday morning in July 1974, to being involved in many of the great changes that have taken place, I could not have achieved what I have without a great team.​​

    Chris Miller

    Warehouse Operations Manager

  • John Gill
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    ​I have been with Booths for 16 years, which I honestly can’t believe. I’ve been very fortunate to have had a wonderful career at Booths so far with lots of opportunity. Joining Booths initially as a Buyer to look after the Non-Food category, moving on to Confectionery, Condiments and a very enjoyable few years buying Beer & Cider. I was fortunate to then become Ambient Buying Manager when the role was first introduced to the business. After a short stint in a Commercial Operations role I took a bit of leap and accepted the Head of Marketing job, which immediately felt like a great decision. I’ve since gone full circle and added Head of Trading to the Marketing role, meaning I now literally have my dream job.

    John Gill

    Head of Marketing & Trading

  • Abi Cash
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    ​I joined Booths in June 2015 as a Customer Assistant at the Penrith store working across the Counters. I had a brief 3 month travelling break before returning back to Penrith in March 2016. I became a Specialist Team Leader shortly after where I began learning all areas of the department including café. In January 2019 I enrolled on the Booths Talent Academy and was asked to support at Ulverston store before being appointed in my current role at Kendal in October 2019.

    Abi Cash

    Specialist Manager , Kendal

  • Hayley Peters
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    ​I have worked for Booths for 8 years, I first started as a customer assistant on the trading team at the Garstang store, before progressing to team leader role in the café. I spent time as a café trainer. Over the last 3 years I have been a specialist manager across a number of sites. My most recent role is Food Safety Support within the Health and Safety Team.

    Hayley Peters

    Food Safety Support